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Allison H. Wilcox, Ph.D. and Ray M. Rosenbloom, Ph.D.

Clinical Psychologists
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Thank you for visiting our webpage! 

This is where you can find information about us, and the paperwork necessary to complete before your first visit at our office.  We hope this makes the process of coming to speak with us easier for you! 

At the bottom of this page you will find a link to Dr. Wilcox's real time scheduling program, which makes it incredibly simple to schedule an appointment.     

Allison Wilcox's office hours are generally from 10am to 7pm on Mondays and 10am to 2pm on Tuesdays.  She is not at the office Wednesday, Thursday or Friday.

Ray Rosenbloom generally sees people from 9am to 7pm on Monday through Wednesday and 9am to 6pm Thursday and Friday.   

Of course we are both available by email to answer your questions at any time, as well as by telephone.  Our contact information is listed below. 

Philosophically, we are both pretty open and eclectic practitioners.  Dr. Wilcox trained in a heavily biologically oriented program and Dr. Rosenbloom sprung from a psychodynamic background.  We've both modified and mutated our approaches to our work over the years based on new knowledge in the field and personal experience in our lives.  

Dr. Wilcox has a long background in public health, health and medical education, alternative lifestyles, postraumatic stress, multi-cultural issues and high conflict divorce/relationship challenges.  She works with large numbers of couples, children and adolescents, as well as with Bariatric Surgical candidates and patients.  She has also spent significant time working with geriatric clients on both an in and out patient basis.

Dr. Rosenbloom's clinical background is equally varied and includes extensive work in the treatment of addictions, posttraumatic stress, relationship issues and high conflict divorce.  He also works with adults, couples, adolescents, children and Bariatric Surgical candidates.

We are both committed to problem solving approaches in treatment.  We belive that working with our clients to lead more mindful, insightful lives is part of the process of learning to solve problems.  To that end, neither of us are particularly focused on lengthy (e.g. over a year) treatment as much as focused treatment which may occur repeatedly over the lifespan. 

In that sense we embrace a model much like that of the Family Physician and have had the privilege of knowing many of our patients throughout their lives, visiting with them intermittently as they move through developmental challenges and changes. 

One of the single most important factors in psychotherapy relates to the "fit" between a patient and the therapist.  While we could go on at great length about our thoughts and philosophies and ideas, what matters most is your comfort level with the person you are daring to share very private information with.  We strongly encourage you to have initial contacts with several practitioners to gauge your feelings about them before making a final decision!  

Under the scheduling link below, you will find attachments with our Vitae, our Office Policies, HIPPA Information and a Release of Information form.  Please feel free to click and print these for your use before our appointment.

If you are seeking therapy for your child, please schedule an appointment for yourself (the parent (s)) first.  It is important that we meet individually with children's parents before we meet the children.  If you are divorced and scheduling an appointment for a child, please understand that we need the consent of both parents in order to see the child unless you have the sole decision making responsibility for psychological care of the child.  We ask that you provide us with a copy of your divorce decree and contact information for the other parent if you have not informed them that you are seeking counseling in advance of the appointment.

If you are coming in for Parent Coordination or Coaching services, we will want to see each of the parties individually for the first appointment.

Our office provides the following services:

Psychological Testing and Evaluation
Custody Evaluations
Collaborative Law
Individual, Family, Couples Psychotherapy
Services to Children, Adolescents, Adults, and Elders


Contact Us:

          Allison H. Wilcox, PhD  512-517-0149      awilcoxphd@gmail.com

        Ray M. Rosenbloom, PhD  512-983-6816    rmrose98@gmail.com

FAX:  1+512-858-2053  You must dial "1" plus the area code

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